At Network Insurance Brokers we believe in the importance of ensuring that our clients have access to the best possible advise from our team of advisors and claims handlers. From our brokers to administrators and claims staff, our business is to offer our clients an enjoyable experience and to add value.

Network Insurance Brokers team

Marius Conradie

After completing his military commitments, Marius began his career in insurance in 1979 and founded Network on the 1st of October 1987. He served on the board of the Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa (FIA) from 1988 to 2004 and was Chairman of the Tygerberg region from 2002. Marius is accredited in Personal and Commercial Insurance and is a key individual and managing member of the company.


Mercia Conradie

Mercia is one of the founding members of Network and is responsible for the financial management of the company.

Network Insurance Brokers team

Marius Conradie

Marius joined Network in March 2007. He is responsible for personal- and commercial underwriting and is also involved in the financial management of the company and acts as Key Individual. He completed his BCom Marketing Management degree in 2009 with a focus on Risk Finance and Insurance.

BCom Marketing Management / Regulatory examination (RE5 / RE1)

Network Insurance Brokers team

Marlo Addinall

Marlo has been involved as insurance advisor since 2006 and offers vast knowledge of commercial- and personal products and customer service.

Diploma in Information Technology / Regulatory examination (RE5)


Lelanie Bravenboer

Lelanie is an experienced underwriter who has been assisting our clients with commercial- and personal insurance matters since joining our team in 2018.

Regulatory examination (RE5)


Mark Addinall

Mark joined Sanlam in 1972 where he subsequently was appointed as Head of the Admin Department. Thereafter, he worked as a broker consultant for 16 years where he serviced independent and bank brokers in the life insurance industry. For 3 years, he provided intermediary service exclusively to Absa Brokers. Mark joined Network in March 2008 where he does life insurance, financial planning and personal policy underwriting. He completed his CFP Certificate in 2010. He is a key individual of Network and is accredited in Life Insurance, Financial Planning and Personal Insurance.

Certificate in Financial Planning / Regulatory examination (RE5 / RE1)


Samuel Labushagne

Samuel joined Network in 1989 as a claims administrator and has been acting as Claims Manager since 2005. He is accredited in Personal and Commercial Insurance and his extensive experience in  claims handling will ensure that claims are handled in the best possible manner.

Regulatory examination (RE5)


Soretha Pelser

Soretha is the newest member of our team and joined in 2020 as commercial underwriter. Soretha has been involved in the insurance industry for many years and add value to our clients experience by assisting with underwriting matters and customer service.

Regulatory examination (RE5).

Network Insurance Brokers team

Sumien Eksteen

Sumien began her career in the insurance industry in 1998. She has gained experience in personal underwriting, quotations, administration and claims administration. She joined Network in 2010 and is currently a claims handler.

National Secretarial Diploma

Network Insurance Brokers team

Elzaan Brand

Elzaan is part of the claims department and has been assisting our clients with claims handling since she re-joined our team in 2018.

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